BodyWise Gym has it all.......

We offer a wide variety of classes, from Obstacle Race Training and Circuit Training to Shred and HIIT. We cover all your needs. The weight room is spacious and easy to maneuver around. There are plenty of machines to enhance your strength training to ensure maximum results. Professional Trainers are always around to answer questions and guide you in the right direction. Spend an hour – spend the day. Leave BodyWise Gym feeling and looking like a brand new you!

Cardio Room

We have a room full of some of the finest cardio equipment you could possibly desire, from smooth operating treadmills and rowing machines to state-of-the-art Arc Trainers. You will find located on the cardio machines channel boxes which are wired to all 3 flat screen TV’s as well as local radio stations. Bring your headset in then plug into the box located on your machine.

Gym Floor & Weight Room Equipment

Equipped with some of the finest fitness equipment you can find. Paramount, BodyMaster and FlexMaster. Come try them all out. We offer a complete mix of free weights and resistance machines to accommodate the beginner to professional athlete. All plates and dumbbells are rubber coated. We also have kettle bells, medicine balls, heavy bag, speed bag, trampolines, bosu’s, etc… You name it, we probably got it.

Weight Room Staff

Our fitness trainers are available to assist you in designing a weight and/or cardio program to fit your needs. They will show you how to use the weight and/or cardio equipment properly as well as demonstrate and suggest other exercises that may be more suitable to your personal needs and goals. Call or stop by the front desk and set up your appointment to visit with one of our great fitness trainers!

Weight Room Orientations

1-on-1 Personal Exercise Program — Our weight room and cardio areas are supervised by certified personal trainers who are qualified and eager to assist you with the proper use of our equipment and answer questions about your exercise program. We offer a free training session to all our members to help them get started in the right direction. Additional training sessions with the personal trainer may be purchased directly from the trainer.

Nutritional Counseling

Healthy eating habits can help make your wellness/fitness goals a success. BodyWise’s staff is available to help you develop an eating program that is healthy, tasty and low-fat. Stop by the front desk for more information.

Towel Service

BodyWise furnishes complimentary towels for your workout. Sweat towels are located on the gym floor and shower towels in the bathrooms.

Lockers Rooms

Bring your own lock or rent a locker for just $10/ month. For your safety, purses and other personal belongings are not allowed in workout rooms.

Group Fitness Classes

We have an aerobic room to accommodate all kinds of classes and training. For a complete view of all of our classes, check out our class schedule.

Wet Area

If using shower facilities, please be sure to dry off before entering locker room. We have provided bath towels which are located on the shelves near the wet area. Complimentary shower products are available in each shower.


Water, juice and other drinks are available. No cash is necessary. Just fill out the purchase form and we will bill your account. Please check out our variety of products in the cooler on the gym floor or in the retail shop. Also available is a large selection of protein bars, supplements and weight loss/weight control products in either the retail shop or at the front counter.

Clothing Retail Shop

In our retail shop you will find a large selection of clothing for both men and women. You will find a large selection to choose from. Some feature lines we will be offering are: City Lights, Pezzi, Marika and Shiva Shakti.

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